A Space For Doing Nothing

Drawing from provisional shelters the installation creates a covered space and offers an encounter between peripheral objects, anonymous infrastructures and human beings. It is in those peripheral areas and territories that have historically played marginal roles in public perception where human and non-human entanglements and their often uneasy relationships become most apparent. Places where regulated land-development becomes less clear and systems (grown and designed) overlap and are forced to re-negotiate their hierarchies. Made of reflective tarp and aluminum poles, the structure marks a space and frames its scene. Allowing to experience – even if just for a moment.

Type: Exhibition
Title of Exhibition: Every. Thing. Changes. 
Client: The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design
Location: El Sereno, Los Angeles
Curator: Wendy Gillmartin
Assistant Curator: Nina Briggs
Photo Credits: Tag Christoph
Year: 2020